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01-10-2019 Zapoznavane s Linux Lekciq 2
28-08-2019 Zapoznavane s Linux Lekciq 1
19-08-2019 .tar.gz /var/www and vardump mysql and ssh to remote srv
19-08-2019 How to change proxy with reg file
18-08-2019 config.php: PHP Config file may contain database IDs and pas
17-08-2019 Allowed HTTP Methods: TRACE
17-08-2019 Retrieved x-powered-by header: PHP
17-08-2019 The X-Content-Type-Options header is not set.
17-08-2019 The X-XSS-Protection header is not defined.
17-08-2019 The anti-clickjacking X-Frame-Options header is not present.
17-08-2019 Web Server returns a valid response with junk HTTP methods,
26-06-2019 [SOLVED] NTDS (608) NTDSA: Database C:\Windows\NTDS\ntds.dit
24-06-2019 How to make a bootable windows 10 usb flash drive
18-06-2019 How to connect to ssh server with plink and cmd
31-05-2019 Ubuntu 18.04 install and configure LightSquid Log analyzer
30-05-2019 How to install and configure samba on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?
30-05-2019 How to check in real time Linux logs with the tail command?
29-05-2019 Add linux support in windows 10
28-05-2019 Bootstrap 4.x jumbotron cover background image
27-05-2019 Query where id is not equal to (WHERE id <> 6)
10-04-2019 Zyxel NAS326 slow transfer speed
10-04-2019 Vsphere and Vcenter serial key
24-11-2018 How to disable windows hibernate and diagnose the computer for power errors
14-11-2018 Ubuntu Speedtest check speed
14-11-2018 SSH banner at login
14-11-2018 How to increase SSH Connection timeout
14-11-2018 Whowatch ssh monitoring terminal software
13-11-2018 Tail Command See Logs In Real Time
13-11-2018 Hddtemp crontab every hour in to file
13-11-2018 Install GoAccess Apache Log Analyzer Tool on Ubuntu 17.10
13-11-2018 Make Browsers Cache Static Files With mod_expires On Apache2 Ubuntu 18.04
13-11-2018 Ubuntu 16.04 MySQL replication
13-11-2018 HOW TO MySQL DUMP from terminal
13-11-2018 Grant all privileges to root@localhost for mariadb or mysql on ubuntu 16.04 to use phpmyadmin
13-11-2018 HOW TO SELECT row as COUNT() or how to count rows
12-11-2018 How to show the last queries executed on MySQL?